Every individual deserves timely access to quality palliative end-of-life care

To Download a Copy of the California POLST Form Effective 2016 versions available soon!

Community Outreach

POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) is a form that states what kind of medical treatment patients want toward the end of their lives. Printed on bright pink paper, and signed by both a doctor and patient, POLST helps give seriously ill patients more control over their end-of-life care.

Members of the Coalition are available free of charge to present to professionals, or civic and community organizations on the proper use of the POLST form, and how it differs from other advance directives. Use the contact us form on this site to request a speaker.  Please give us as much information about your event as possible.

There is a great deal more information for families and professionals available on our parent organization's website: AB 637 now allows NP and PA's to sign POLST forms beginning January 1, 2016. 

POLST at Work in California

This 12-minute video provides a detailed look at the POLST form and how it works in a community as a patient is transferred between health care settings. The video is designed for health care providers, but can also be helpful for consumers wishing to learn more about POLST.

POLST: Having the POLST Conversation

A demonstration of the doctor/patient POLST conversation.

POLST: Honoring Patients’ Wishes for Treatment

CA POLST is helping honor patients wishes for treatment.

POLST Frequently Asked Questions.


Facing Serious Illness: Making Your Wishes Known

Your Guide to POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)

Assembly Bill No. 3000

Health care decisions: life-sustaining treatment.