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Karen Wyatt, MD  karen@karenwyattmd.com   has an online Death Cafe, several interviews and webinars available.  Her latest podcast which is available,  is Managing Family Conflict: how to heal family conflict. She also offers the Lovingkindness Blessing:  May I be at peace. May my heart remain open. May I realize the beauty of my own true nature. May I be healed. May I be a source of healing for this world.......Metta from the Buddhist tradition.  You can also subscribe to her emails and End of Life University and EOLU News. 

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What Every Advisor Needs To Know About Planning For Long-Term Care, Our Free Ebook Gift to you.

When you plan for retirement with your clients, you certainly look at out-of-pocket medical expenses they need to plan for in the years ahead. But do you have a clear idea about what those costs actually are? Various calculations appear in industry publications about “the average out of pocket medical expenses a couple, age 65 can expect in retirement". None of them address the subject in any detail. We think that they are far from reality. This is based on our experience as aging experts and care providers ourselves, seeing the costs of aging firsthand, on the ground, not just in theory. This eBook is a brief reality check. We offer you some truths about out of pocket medical expenses that the averages and publications do not address.

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Dr. Mikol Davis and Carolyn Rosenblatt are the co-founders of AgingInvestor.com. Carolyn Rosenblatt, RN, Elder Law Attorney offers a wealth of experience with aging to help you create tools so you can skillfully manage your aging clients. You will understand your rights and theirs so you can stay safe and keep them safe too. Dr. Mikol Davis, Psychologist, Gerontologist offers depth of knowledge about diminished financial capacity in older adults to help you strategize best practices so you can protect your vulnerable aging clients. We offer accredited cutting edge online continuing education courses for financial professionals wanting to expand their expertise in best practices for their aging clients. To learn more click here. 

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General Meetings:

The Coalition meets every other month - 4th Thursday-3:30 - 5:00:  February 23, April 27, June 22, August 24, October 26, 2017       The Board meets on March 23,  May25,  July 27, Sept. 28,  and Nov. 30, 2017 at 11:30 am at AseraCare Conference room.  

General Meeting Location:

Saint Agnes Administrative Plaza, 2nd Floor, Leonard Room.  1111 E. Spruce Ave.  Fresno, CA 93720

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